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Downloads wallpapers from Bing and displays them as the desktop wallpaper

  • Wallpapers are gathered from the localized Bing search sites: en-US, en-UK, en-AU, en-NZ, en-CA, de-DE, zh-CN, ja-JP.
  • Files are named using their long descriptions and automatically translated to the language of the users choice if needed through the Bing API.
  • Each file is hashed to ensure that there are no duplicates downloaded.
  • Files will be switched on a timer or manually by double clicking on the thumbnail.
  • If in a remote (RDP) session the wallpaper switching is disabled. The wallpaper switching is also disabled if the monitor is powered off or disconnected.
  • Single instance application written in c#.
Compiled against .Net 4.0 and works in 32-bit and 64-bit.
Based on UI and concepts of Bing4Free.

Known Issues
  1. Monitor power off and disconnected state isn't very reliable.

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